The Devil’s Note

Shakespeare said, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” Which is true by the way, but what is “here”? The concept of Hell and Heaven is blurry. There’s hardly anything distinguishing the two. Man lives in the third realm, the region created by the intermingling of the cosmic elements of both of those fancied dwellings. The omnipresence of angels and demons is best reflected in mankind. The duality, the possibility of the existence of the binaries of Yin and Yang can only be confirmed with acceptance of the existence of a third abode. It’s never a loop, it’s a triquetra.

Yes, I am a monster. The Monster. I’ve murdered humanity with my icy cold mind, numerous times. I’ve hunted innocents and extinguished the flames of life. And I am not sorry for I am far beyond redemption. But in my defence, I’ve also swayed in the sweet flutes some urchin played in the distance, I’ve gotten excited by the ringing sound of the crystal fountain, I’ve had my eyes filled with moisture when I held a newborn in my arms for the first time. I am not appealing for pity for I deserve none. I’ve used not my hands but my mind for the destruction of affections, of love. Love, another delicate and yet funny notion born out of some dopamine and endorphins discharge, yet again in the brain. And yes, I’ve fallen in love too. I’ve experienced those subtle, melodramatic and obnoxious emotions that are said to have destroyed kingdoms and civilisations in the past. But again, it hasn’t counted for me in the long run because it had all happened before I turned into a monster. The difference between me and Frankenstein’s monster is in my lack of physicality and independent existence. I did not tear any heart with my hands but with my mind. I am a monster today because I fought and won the battle against my counterpart. I am the Gregor that metamorphosed not into a bug but into a mind monster.

Hitler and Mussolini were not separate from me, but I also exist in you all, as a shard of your mind and soul, and shall continue to do so till the end of times no matter how hard you try to demolish me. My edifice will get stronger each day with your attempts to seek me in others. Only if you imbecile creatures had tried to find me in yourselves. However, I feel no regret giving away this secret because I know that none of you would ever succeed, and even if you do, the whole of your race would never. And even the handful of successful ones would not be able to eliminate me from the complex compound formed from the mixing of the two extremes. I am Invincible! Indestructible! And you’re trapped, eternally. I only command and you’re the one who releases the arrow strings. Your whole kind is doomed. With every strike of lightning, I am the one who channels your deep seated motives. Your ancestors ate an apple, on my luring. No, I am not Satan who was scorned forever into the fiery lake but I am the offspring that fell onto the yet to be created mid region, during the fall of the Light Bringer.

And yet, if by the least of all possibilities, the tiniest fraction of mankind manages to elude my shadow, they shall be freed from the everlasting cycle of suffering. The war between me and my other extreme is primordial but for the pawn soldiers, called humans, to flee the battleground is also a tough job.

-a late night rant.

Angira Bhattacharya

Published by angirabhattacharya

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