The Six Coloured Rainbow

Dark and heavy clouds hovered
Upon the dusty town and barren land;
Pedestrians rushed in with heads covered
And sought a shelter in the nearest stand.
Thunder bruised the window sill,
Lightning cracked the tree into half
Life became a motionless still
And the heavens broke into a sadistic laugh.
A day so radiant and golden begun,
Was now silenced in grey sorrow.
With joy forever lost and shun,
Shall we see a sun in the morrow?

But the transitory nature of things,
Did act as a primordial boon;
The clouds, with time, departed with their wings
And the dark patches cleared soon.
The rainbow appeared in the Western sky,
The hue of the abendrot divine,
But an unnatural event caught my eye
Lo! The arc was missing its shine!
The bow had all the paints but red,
The colour of blood could not be found
Gazing hard but nowhere it led,
The R of VIBGYOR lied lost in the mound.

Wrapped in the coils of the healer called Time,
Comes smiles after flashing frown;
Existence moves in the mellowing chime
And all debts settled to the holy Crown.
And yet! when carelessly reminded of the void,
Of the dearest one lost in quicksand,
The deficient rainbow makes me paranoid
In fear of failure to hold the invisible hand.
The lakes full of water,
The vales adorned in purple teasel,
But the lack causes me to stutter
And the six coloured rainbow smiles like a weasel.

-Angira Bhattacharya

This poem is based on the idea of a “lack” that we carry with ourselves, all through our lives. While life continues in its normal course and does not pause for anyone, it is often reminded of the ones we have lost in the way. It is like the metaphor of the rain and the rainbow. Just like the sun shines and the rainbow appears in the sky after dark clouds and rain, life witnesses happiness after sorrow. But like an ‘incomplete’ rainbow of six colours, this happiness is very often lined with those lacks. Let me know if you liked it in the comments.

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16 thoughts on “The Six Coloured Rainbow

  1. Well written poem as usual.. ❤
    Loved the brilliant use of words..!!
    Without going into the Science behind VIBGYOR (which dictates that all rainbows should be either complete or non-existent), I must say I liked your thoughts and the feeling or discomfort one sees when he/she sees something as “incomplete”, “partial” or “lacking”.. This is quite open ended..
    Some people accept the incomplete pieces of life. Others make life complete.
    In the end, it’s the happiness one derives which matters, whatever the motivation or source behind that maybe.. 😊😊
    Well written yet again..!!


  2. Another gem penned by You! This for me is one of the best pieces I’ve read lately. While reading I was totally engrossed as if the poem itself was trying to tell me a lot about it. This is beautiful❤


  3. Wonderful….truly u embellished the poem with words that sound so enchanting to the ears…the way u described the rain and movement of clouds is worth praising…keep up this brilliant work..


      1. Once upon a time, I lost your sunshine to time & other variables in life. It’s apt that you didn’t get it..


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