The Faith Restored (on Nature and Pantheism).

The Faith Restored

Oh Harbinger of Spring,

Is it only the trees thou art gonna bestow colours upon?

Oh solacing drops from Heaven,

Is it only the field’s thirst thou shalt quench?

While I sit by, beholding from bloom to fall

Anxious to receive Thy Grace’s call.

Dear mighty Sunshine,

Would thy light brighten only the celestial orbs?

Blessed and eternal Moonbeams hear,

Would thy gentle rays not grant me repose?

For I am the Traveller, treading on sands,

Making ventures into unknown lands.

Oh benevolent Foliage,

Doth thou hear my cravings for shade?

Lightning, would thou oblige me

Even a moment’s glimpse of the eternal paradise?

But Alas! No ear hears my bootless cries,

Not a rainbow canvas to paint my colourless skies.

Sweet fragrances of March,

Thy incense forever unknown to me shalt be?

Deceitful desert Mirage,

At least if thou couldst give me virtual pleasures?

For the oasis is a distant dream,

And cherry blossoms are a forbidden theme.

But even through the turmoils lurking at my shore,

And boisterous winds blowing on my door,

Through the perilous and tempestuous nights,

Plunged in darkness and shackled in frights,

A silhouette appears by the shadowy corner at right

And floods my human eyes with immortal fiery ignite.

My Father had descended from his inperial throne

At pitiful sight of His child when shown,

And time and again to the cause of my ungrateful being,

He cometh to rekindle the flames of hope that was fleeing.

Restoring the faith once shaken, He smiles

And assures me His guidance till the end of the miles.

And thus, happily I am put to sleep,

With despair gone, there’s nothing to weep.

~ Angira Bhattacharya

An attempt to follow in the footsteps of the Romantic Poet Laureate, William Wordsworth and to propagate the idea of ‘Pantheism’. The Almighty God is omnipresent around us, always. And at times of despair, at the verge of losing all hopes, He shows us the Pole Star in our otherwise dark sky.

Hope it will be liked by you all. Let me know in the comment section πŸ™‚

Published by angirabhattacharya

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4 thoughts on “The Faith Restored (on Nature and Pantheism).

  1. Right from the beginning to the
    end the composition kept me
    glued. The idea and craftsmanship of the poetry deserves a lot praise.
    God is everywhere, God resides in
    your verses too! So happy to see you evolve! Keep writing.


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