The Warriors of Kargil (1999)

It was the twilight hour.
The bombs and cannons had silenced for the day.
I saw men cleaning heaps of bodies and blood shower
And a tribute to the martyrs we were to pay.

There was blood and more blood and smell.
But the war was far from over
And still a lot of lives were to ring their death knell
Dark clouds in the sky continued to hover.

My job there was to aid the wounded and the ailing.
Though the dead were none to me,
I couldn’t turn a dead ear to their families wailing
For we were all one, fighting for Kargil to be free.

It was on the twelfth night of the war,
That I met this young soldier boy, gravely in pain,
Lying on the ground, he held my hand proposing to implore
Just to tell his mother and his newly wed that he didn’t die in vain.

The boy was aware that he was breathing his last,
And yet he miraculously smiled like an infant
As if all the tests of life he was past
And was now marching to heaven all triumphant.

He looked me in the eye with a fierce military glare
And in a deep voice, fighting his miseries:
“India shall win this war!” he said with a flair
And then silently succumbed to his injuries.

Exactly two months and a few weeks later,
The dream of that young man was released.
The victory fell in our platter,
The enemy had surrendered and the war sirens had ceased.

All the soldiers who survived, went home for recovery
However, many of them returned wrapped in the tricolour!
Who knows how many bullets they swallowed for this country
And have time and again protected it with courage and valour.

So Hail the Motherland!
Hail the showers of saffron, white and green!
Hail the brave mothers of this sacrificial and holy land!
Hail the men on the borders of Kashmir, Kargil and Siachen!

-Angira Bhattacharya

A poem dedicated to the brave soldiers of India who put their lives at risk every minute for the safety of their countrymen and for the preservation of their Motherland. This poem includes the Kargil War of 1999 fought between India and Pakistan because of the infiltration of the Pakistani soldiers in the Indian side of the Line of Control (LOC). This war continued for a span of two months, three weeks and two days resulting in the victory of India, however at the life’s cost of around five hundred soldiers.

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