The Sun Fades

Shattered and lonely on the deserted wasteland
I stood like a homeless and weeping widow,
Or maybe like an island amidst a vast spread of sand,
Until I was audacious again, enough to reopen a little window
Through which blew into my barren desert, a sweet fragrance of bloom,
Illuminating my dark sky with an immortal chain of fiery flakes
Radiant and brilliant and jubilant, separating joy from gloom
Curing the despairing heart’s wounds and aches.

But the very nature of untimely sunshine is often deception born
For the unexpected benediction did come from a fleeting benefactor
Like the migratory birds of Siberia that abandon the lands they migrate to, once winter’s gone!
And infertile soils need no constant protector.
Never did I wish to turn my eyes away from my benefactor who too had sorry eyes,
But they had found a cure with the perfect liaison.
My Paradise was long lost, my manna was just my starving Jewish soul’s cries.
Now the sun fades and dark clouds reappear at the dusky horizon.

-Angira Bhattacharya

Just the musings expressed on a comfy autumn afternoon.

Published by angirabhattacharya

sugar, spice and everythin' nice </3

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